Erno Bouma

Erno Bouma

Erno is an expert in the field of agricultural meteorology. He is a part-time teacher at the HAS University of Applied Sciences and is the author of the book: Weather & Crop Protection. His specialties are: crop protection, crop diseases and the decision support systems. He is a much sought after speaker and course leader in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Joost Nieveen

Joost Nieveen

Joost got his PhD at Wageningen University. He measured evaporation and carbon exchange from natural and cultivated peat areas in the Netherlands and New Zealand. His specialties are: agricultural meteorology, measurements, agricultural model development and programming of online and mobile apps.

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Nieveen & Bouma Agro Weather Services is an agricultural meteorological company. We specialise the influence or weather on crop protection and crop diseases.


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